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about is the official website of RAK. Ralf Kurzmann, born in 1969 in Germany, used this pseudonym for his painting performances since 1989/90. His first regional exhibitions in 1990 were located in the old university town of Münster, Westphalia, in the Blue House of Frauenstr.24 and in legendary Gleis 22.
After that periode he tooks a longer break. In the later 90's Kurzmann studies geo sciences on university of Münster and lives near by as an artist who paints a lot in acryl, oil and mixed techniques. But in 1998 RAK comes back in publicity with his first retrospective. Klaus Lüke provided the place for the rak.tro.spek.tive, directly in front of the old St.Martinus Church, in Greven.
The next step is the internet project, which you reading at the moment. The target is to bundle all the artist energy under this domain, such as building-up free and commercial collections of regional artists, a special network and platform for free painter. Trying to proceed.

June 2001

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